Ravensburger Disney Princess Mini Memory Game

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A set of 48 bright and colourful high-quality memory picture cards. Cards feature lots of different images of your favourite Disney Princesses including Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Aurora. There are 24 different pairs to match up and collect in this classic game. The game can be played to suit different ages and abilities; for younger children use fewer cards, but you'll be surprised at just how good children are at this game - there is every chance that as their skills develop they will beat you! The memory cards are made from sturdy high-quality card, laminated on both sides with a colour print. Box Contains 48 Disney Princess memory cards

  • Includes lots of favourite Disney Princesses including Ariel, Cinderella and Belle
  • Includes a set of 48 mini memory cards
  • This game is suitable for 2-6 players
  • A fun picture matching game which is a great way to develop matching and memory skills
  • Ages 3 Years+