Clementoni Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Activity Keys 14832

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Three colourful keys, full of activities, which your child can use to explore and exercise All their sensory skills as they play in a sweet little World. one electronic Key with songs and baby Mickey laughing, one with Pluto to chew on and one with a rattle and a flower that rotates. All three will be your youngest child's playmates.
the large key ring holds all three keys which can be removed and used individually.

  • Three colourful keys, rich in activity, with which the child can explore and experiment together with his sensory abilities, to play in a world of sweetness.
  • An electronic key with melodies and the laughter of Baby Mickey, one to chew with Pluto and a tric-trac key with a flower to rotate will be the fun companions of the little ones.
  • The large key ring picks up the three keys that can also be removed and used individually.