Beados Starter Pack 400 Piece Playset

Character Options

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Beados are the magic beads that join with a spray of water! A whole new world that you can make one bead at a time! Just choose a template and make up your design. Spray it with water and wow - you've created Beados! Start your Beados World with the Beados Starter Pack. Comes with everything you need to get started to make your Beados creations! Comes with an easy-to-use Pod Pen to swap Beados colours, over 500 Beados, water bottle, 6 design templates, special accessories to bring your Beados characters to life and lots more.

  • Comes with everything you need to start you Beados world!
  • Comes with easy to use pod pen
  • Includes over 500 Beados
  • Comes with 6 design templates to help you create your beados characters
  • Includes display stand to bring Beaods your characters to life
  • Ages 4 Years+

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