Bing Toilet Train Talking Bing With Over 50 Phrases

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Bingsters will love playing games with this soft and cuddly Bing But wait it s time to stop the game for the toilet train Toilet Train Bing lets you know when he needs to go to the toilet Sit Bing on the toilet and hear a flush when he s finished But if Bing doesn t make it in time uh oh A distinct illuminating feature shows that Bing has wet himself But it s no big thing Bingsters can help Bing catch the toilet train the next time around Toilet Train Bing is a fun way to support Bingsters as they learn when they need to go to the toilet Catching the toilet train it s a Bing thing Bing measures approximately 26 cm 10 5 Inch tall

  • Bing's having lots of fun playing games - but when it's time to wee, he'll need a bit of help from your Bingster
  • Soft and cuddly Bing features phrases, games and sounds
  • Bing lets you know when it's time to catch the toilet train
  • Bing and toilet interact with sounds
  • Bing's pants reveal�a wee-wee�spot if he misses the toilet train
  • Ages 2 Years+

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