Blaze & The Monster Machines Transforming Blaze Jet

Fisher Price

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Blaze can transform into just about anything…including a jet plane! When you lift Blaze up, his jet wings automatically pop out and transform him from a road-ready monster machine to a high-flying hero who uses thrust to zoom into aerodynamic action! As you pretend to fly Blaze in jet mode, he will speak flight-related phrases! Once his tires are back on the ground, he’ll race back into Monster Machine mode with sounds and phrases to match!

  • Transform Blaze into a jet plane!
  • Kid-powered action! Kids can pretend to fly Blaze around on new adventures or get him ready for his next race at the Monster Dome!
  • Wings pop out automatically when Blaze is lifted off the ground!
  • Blaze knows when kids pretend to fly him in the air and responds with fun flying sounds and phrases!
  • Ages 3 Years+

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