Club Petz Caca Max


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Caca Max is the naughtiest dog around and bound to have the whole family laughing. Easy to use and fun to play with. Simply feed him a couple of the little yellow bones that come with him in the pack, then using the supplied remote control lead take him for a walk, by using the remote you can make hime walk, bark and sit. Of course with all naughty little pooches on a walk, what goes in must come out. using the remote you can make Caca poop out the clean and hygenic little yellow bones....of course this action is accompanied by the sound of trumping. There is a little dust pan and brush supplied to clear up the mess (clean & hygenic little mucky or whiffy mess to clear up). The Pack also includes a couple of bandanna's for Caca's neck and a feeding bowl. He reqiures 4 x AA batteries

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