Fizz 'N' Surprise Dinosaur Figure

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The Dino fizz n surprise taps into that love for dinosaurs that many children go through. However, unlike a cat or dog, you can't just go and get one as a pet. If you have a child who would love a pet dinosaur if only such a thing existed, this magic dinosaur egg is as close as you will come to buying one for them. By soaking the magic egg in warm water, the egg will gradually start to fizz and dissolve away. Inside, a baby dinosaur will hatch, just like a real dinosaur would have done millions of years ago. The dinosaur contained within the egg is a surprise, and there are 28 to collect. It is a great gift for any wannabe palaeontologists - determining what Type of dinosaur you have hatched can be just as fun as the hatching process itself.

  • Drop! Fizz! Find! Build!
  • 28 Dino Fizz N Surprise eggs to collect!
  • Drop your egg into warm water and watch it fizz!
  • Connect the different parts together.
  • Triceratops, Pterodactyl, T-rex and more!
  • Ages 5 Years+

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