Fortnite Stampers Series 2 - 5 Pack Figures - Random Selection

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Pack of 5 fortnite toys each pack contains 5 collectable molds; this stunning collectable set shows the exceptional quality of fortnite stamps and attention to detail of each mini character, including colors, dresses and realistic weapons of the game; each fortnite doll about 7.5cm.


26 collectible figures there are 26 action figures to collect in random selections of 5 including legendary, epic, rare and uncommon: hime, lynx, Power chord, luxe, black knight, red knight, poised playmaker, jumpshot, recon expert, fishstick, aerial assault trooper, bullseye, whistle warrior, scorpion, yuletide ranger, sgt. Green clover, skull trooper, giddy-up, beef boss, rook, peely, sparkle specialist, cloaked shadow and kuno; collect them all!


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