Little Live Pets Ladybug Garden Playset

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The Little Live Pets Lil��� Ladybug Garden Playset offers the ideal miniature world for your Lil��� Ladybugs to explore. Mini in size but big on fun Lil��� Ladybugs are full of energy, watch them scoot in, out and around this little garden. Spin the flower to let your Ladybug with baby in tow go up the spiral ramp to travel through the miniature house before zooming back down to start over again. This garden offers the ultimate playset for your ladybug pet to enjoy for endless fun in every direction complete with an exclusive Spotsy Ladybug and baby bug in tow. Mini in size but big on fun with this Lil��� Ladybug Garden Playset Watch them scoot around this miniature garden world Spin the flower to take them up the ramp and through the town Includes exclusive Spotsy Ladybug with baby bug in tow Additional Lil��� Ladybug and baby are sold separately

  • A wonderful miniature world for your ladybugs to explore - mini in size but big on fun!
  • Watch them scoot in, out and all about their little land as they play and discover new ways to go!
  • Spin the flower and watch your ladybugs go up, down and all around in their own little town!
  • Comes with exclusive spotsy and baby bug who tags along for the ride.
  • It's endless fun in every direction!
  • Ages 5 Years+

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