Sew Cool 10 Large Fabric Refill Kit - Trendy


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Design! Stitch! Decorate! Create a Sew Cool Trendy Backpack and more, using this colorful Sew Creative fabric kit and your Sew Cool Sewing Studio. The Sew Cool Studio is simple to use, with no bobbins to wind, no needles to thread and no foot pedal. It’s never been sew easy as with Sew Cool and its special fabric. Unlike ordinary sewing machines, the Sew Cool Sewing Studio is designed specifically for girls ages 6+. Encourage your child’s imagination and develop hand eye coordination. First time sewers will enjoy almost instant gratification because they can do it themselves. With the Sew Cool fabric kit, girls can easily craft and customize 10 large sheets of fabric into a stylish and functional, lightweight backpack all on their own. It’s perfect for wearing to school, holding books and personal accessories. The Sew Cool Sewing Studio’s unique threadless technology is the safe and simple way for young kids to learn new creative skills.

  • Sew Cool Fabric
  • 10 Large sheets
  • Bonus project included
  • Ages 6 Years+

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