Paw Patrol Skye Ready, Rescue Skye?s Race & Go Deluxe Vehicle with Sounds

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Rev up for rescues with PAW Patrols Skye and her Race & Go Deluxe Vehicle, found exclusively at Walmart! Skyes classic plane has transformed into a sleek race car with realistic detailing, cool wing spoilers and pull-back motor! Swapping her rescue uniform for a pink racing suit and helmet, Ready, Race, Rescue Skye (figure included) is on a roll! When its time to race to the rescue, place Skye behind the wheel. Pull the vehicle back and watch it go with a pull-back motor feature, Skyes car races straight into adventure, while making real racing sounds! You can also roll Skyes vehicle by hand and activate the sounds by pressing the PAW Patrol button on top of the vehicle. Load Skyes Race & Go Vehicle into the Mobile Pit Stop Team Vehicle (sold separately) for a quick tyre change and refuel, then get back to the rescue! Create even more exciting high-speed rescue adventures for the Ready, Race, Rescue pups and their Race & Go Deluxe Vehicles (sold separately)!