Sesame Street Tickle Me & Talking Elmo Soft Plush Toy

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Get down to Sesame Street and have fun with the Tickle Me Elmo talking cuddly plush toy.Elmo just loves to be tickled and cuddled. He's so ticklish - just listen to him laugh!Elmo talks, wiggles and giggles. Tickle Elmo's tummy or press his hands and feet to hear him talk and laugh.You'll love his funny phrases, like "Elmo's toes are too ticklish for that!" and "Oh boy! Elmo loved that"

  • This Great Tickle me Elmo comes straight out of Sesame street
  • Elmo just loves to be Tickled! He is sooooo ticklish- listen to him laugh
  • Elmo talks, Wiggles & Giggles - Over 20 Sounds
  • Tickle Elmo's Tummy or press hands & Feet to hear him talk & laugh
  • 18" when standing on feet
  • Ages 3 Years+