The Powerpuff Girls Blossom & Fuzzy Lumpkins Figure Pack


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The 2? Action Doll figures are styled after the unique personality of each Powerpuff Girls character. This 2 pack includes 1 hero and 1 villain: Blossom and Fuzzy Lumpkins. Blossom is smart and positive with a strong moral compass, while Fuzzy Lumpkins is a grumpy monster that the Powerpuff Girls battle. Collect all of the 2? Action Dolls and recreate your favorite Powerpuff Girls adventures from Townsville. Bring the Powerpuff Girls to life with the Action Dolls!

  • Each Action Doll figure features TV show styling and unique personality.
  • This 2-pack includes Blossom and Fuzzy Lumpkins so you can act out your favorites stories.
  • Collect all of the Powerpuff Girls Action Dolls for even more fun!
  • No batteries required.�
  • Ages 5 Years+

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