Treasure X Fire Vs Ice Hunters Single Pack

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Unbox the adventure and journey through each level to find a collectible action figure and possibly even uncover the greatest discovery – real gold dipped treasure The quest continues with Treasure X fire vs ice erupt the volcano, search for real gold dipped treasure through 10 levels of adventure and uncover a fire or ice treasure hunter start by studying your map And Finding your x-tool. Using water, erupt your volcano to retrieve your x-key. Will it erupt lava or ice? Then carve into the volcano using your x-tool to reveal your fire or ice treasure hunter action figure, weapon, staff and Meteor crack open your Meteor to find your hidden treasure. Will you find a real gold dipped treasure? There are 18 Fire vs ice treasure hunters to collect and display. Plus all new treasures to discover in the ultimate boy's toy collectable styles may vary. One supplied

  • All new eruption unboxing experience. Use water to erupt your volcano. Will it flow Fire or Ice?
  • New silky carving experience Carve away the volcano the reveal your hunter, weapon and staff
  • Will you find real gold dipped treasure inside?
  • 9 Fire Treasure Hunters and 9 Ice action figures to collect, including special finishes
  • Display your Treasure Hunter with weapon and mount their treasure on their staff.