Zuru Rainbocorns Sparkle Heart Surprise Assorted

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Unbox a sparkly surprise with the new rainbocorns sparkle heart. Each mini rainbow comes with a sparkly heart that you can peel to reveal a hidden surprise! Every heart shows what your rainbow loves…what will you reveal?! these soft and cuddly rainbocorns come with all new colour changing boo-boocorns, just dip them in cold water and they transform before your eyes! There’s also gooey rainbocorn poop hiding in the egg that you can stretch and squeeze! Collect all 6 including puppycorn, kittycorn, flamingocorn, unicorn, LLAMACORN and bunnycorn

  • What secret will your Sparkle Heart Surprise reveal? There are 6 to uncover!
  • Collect all 6 adorable plush including the Unicorn, Puppycorn, Flamingocorn, Llamacorn, Bunnycorn and Kittycorn.
  • Unbox all new colour changing Boo-Boocorns, there are over 18 to find!
  • What colours of the Rainbocorn poop will you find? Squeeze it and stretch it, it expands 30 times in size!
  • Cuddle your soft and squishy Rainbocorns and store them in the reusable egg!