Sambro Sesame Street Tickle And Roll Elmo With 20 Sounds

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Sesame Street Tickle and Roll Elmo is a classic interactive Sesame Street toy that brings Elmo to life. One of the greatest toys of the 90's, Tickle Me Elmo, is back. and ready for 2019. Oh boy Elmo loves to be tickled, just tickle his tummy to hear him speak, giggle and wiggle. You will have Sesame Street Elmo rolling on the Floor laughing in no time. A terrific interactive plush for Sesame Street fans with all the fun of Elmo.

  • This Great Tickle and roll Elmo comes straight out of Sesame street
  • Elmo just loves to be Tickled! He is sooooo ticklish- listen to him laugh
  • Tickle Elmo's Tummy to hear him laugh
  • 20 Sounds
  • Ages 3 Years+