Clementoni Harry Potter 1000 Piece Impossible Jigsaw Puzzle

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Harry Potter Impossible Puzzle is a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle by Clementoni and is part of their high-quality Impossible Collection.Hundreds of characters from the Harry Potter films can be seen in this highly detailed jigsaw puzzle.Clementoni High Quality Collection is a stylish range of jigsaw puzzles with striking images and quality printing, designed for those with an eye for details. Clementoni use recycled cardboard to create precision interlocking and robust quality pieces.

  • 1000-piece Puzzle, with dimensions 69 x 50 cm.
  • Suggestive images, quality printing, precise cut-outs, sturdy and precious materials.
  • The Clementoni Impossible line is all this and more: a puzzle line, designed for those with a passion for detail.
  • Forever attentive to ecological issues, Clementoni uses a high rate of recycled materials, thus avoiding the use of polluting components.
  • Clementoni offers the added benefit of the after-sales assistance service for lost pieces. Made in Italy