MonsterVerse Godzilla vs Kong 11'' Giant Mecha Godzilla

Product Description

Natives of Odo Island believed that the shipwrecks were caused by Godzilla, a legendary sea monster that they sacrificed young women to in the past when fishing was poor to prevent him from coming ashore to destroy mankind. One night, Odo Island was seemingly hit by a hurricane, but the damage left behind and eyewitness accounts indicated that this was no ordinary storm. Another expedition was soon sent to the island, led by renowned paleontologist Kyohei Yamane. Yamane stumbled upon a gigantic footprint containing high levels of radiation and a living trilobite, a prehistoric sea creature long since extinct. Suddenly, a lookout on the island reported that Godzilla himself had appeared on the other side of the island. A mob of people ran to a hill on the other side of the island and cowered in fear when Godzilla's gigantic head appeared over the hill. Godzilla roared fearsomely at the assembled humans and walked back to the sea.

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