Peppa Pig Puzzle & Build 3D Puzzle

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This Peppa Pig puzzle is not just a regular 2D jigsaw puzzle that young children can enjoy piecing together it also has a wonderful 3D twist to it that will keep children entertained and playing with for hours. There are regular 'jigsaw shaped' pieces, plus the 'special shaped' pieces that are used to complete the 2D puzzle image of Peppa Pig and family, in Daddy Pig's car arriving at Grandpa Dog's garage. Want to make the 3D puzzle afterwards? Simply turn over the finished 2D puzzle and look for the special shaped pieces to create your Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, George Pig and Peppa Pig 'figurines' plus the colourful, and very fun, Daddy Pig's Car! Once you have constructed Daddy Pig's Car and character pieces, you can display them in the puzzle box, because if you open it up and set the lid of the box up vertically, the interior is decorated like a sunny hillside from the Peppa Pig world and is perfect for displaying your finished work.

  • A 40 piece 2D Peppa Pig jigsaw puzzle
  • There are also specially cut pieces that can be used to create the 3D Daddy Pig's Car and figurines
  • The finished size of the 2D puzzle measures 41x32cm (approximately)
  • Produced using a high quality cardboard and precision die-cutting techniques
  • Ages 4 Years+